Now its time for my second favourite part of our maternity session 2 weeks ago. Lets start at the beginning, approximately 2.5 months ago, My brother had mentioned to me that he wanted to propose to Emily, and to do it during our maternity session so that it would all be documented. So we started planning this day, and he started having a ring custom made. Which may I add, he did an AMAZING job designing this stunner of a ring! (Good job bro!) We picked Botanical Gardens for the session, since it would be a special location for them to share in the future as the spot Daniel got down on one knee. We then planned on making it a surprise, for them to be back to back and Emily turn around and see Daniel already on one knee. So I asked both Daniel and Emily to write down what they are most looking forward to the other one doing with their future baby. Emily wrote her answer, and Daniel wrote down his big question. Daniel was down on one knee at this point. Then, I told them to turn and face each other. Emily’s face when she saw Daniel on one knee was filled with pure love, surprise and so much happiness. I was fighting tears myself behind the camera. (No worries though, we still captured everything through the tears!) Needless to say, SHE SAID YES! I am so excited for my brother and future sister, (although she’s been like a sister for a couple years already to me!) I love you both so much, and am so excited for this journey you are both starting together! Congratulations!! Now its almost time for little man to make his entrance into the world, and then get on to wedding planning!